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Not Shanghai.


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Showing a Little Leg (Harpers)
The Warm Roar and Bottomless Sadness of Brain Injury (The Atlantic)
To Marfa, on a Tuesday in December (The Austin Chronicle)
Review: All That Is, by James Salter (Fiction Writers Review)
Your Gut Is A Liar: An Interview with J. Robert Lennon (FWR)
The Salvage Detective: Roberto Bolaño’s Guide To Saving That Novel In Your Drawer (FWR)
Judd Club (Artforum)
Which Flag? (The Village Voice)
The Paleface in Passing (The Oaxaca Times)
'A Theory, and Not a Fact': Why Dover Ain't Over (Seed)
Living History (NY Arts)
Marfa Art Wars? (The Big Bend Sentinel)
Butterflies, Beer Cans, and the ‘Peril Inherent’ (ISLE)


I’m a writer, editor, and teacher living in Shanghai. I grew up near a freeway in Phoenix, learned to be a reporter on the Texas-Mexico border, and later served as the AP’s last gringo correspondent in Bolivia. I’ve got an MFA from Michigan. A portrait of my right leg hung in the 2013 Venice Biennale. There’s a novel in the works, represented by The Wylie Agency.

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Selected AP Clips

The Conquest of Bolivia never ends. (New York Times)
Land reform on a tractor & a prayer. (Washington Post)
The first rule of Bolivian Fight Club: no photos. (WaPo)
Playing soccer with Evo Morales, and all high-altitude humanity.
The sequins & politics of La Paz’s cholita style.
Evo hopes Bolivia can have its coca and chew it, too. (WaPo)
Tijuana in the shadow of the wall. (WaPo)
The unfenced life on the muddy Texas frontier. (El Paso Times)
The demise of Bogota’s narco-dollar shopping club.
Colombia’s FARC hand Uribe a grisly trophy.